Ideas are going in smoke...

Remember my post about good ideas in marketing? Well, there is a different idea or "concept" which did not produce the desired effects...

The The Vancouver Olympic torch was designed to inspire "skating", "skiing" and other cool stuff related to Olympic winter games to be held at Vancouver in 2010.

Unfortunately, its inspiration is more alike what Micheal Phelps and Ross Rebagliati were preaching by example in smoking drugs.

Anyways, please read this article for more information (and a picture of the torch!).

- Eric


When "security" does not mean "security for long"...

According to this article, it seems like WEP secured WiFi networks are not so secure at all... finally.

Most security mechanisms are safe until they are not safe anymore. But for the time being, one should rely on WPA2 for securing a WiFi network. Even more specifically at home.

I remember commuting by train with a laptop on my knees, trying to fix a bug in my source code. I did not notice but found my WiFi antenna was on. I was impressed to see so many WiFi networks popping-up on my radar screen as the train was rolling towards downtown. I would say about 50% of the networks were not secured at all.

Later on, I will try to tell more about this, even if I am not a network specialist. But for now, I just wanted to point this out.

Be told.

- Eric


Advertisement - when brilliant ideas arise

Many times, the advertisement world is using easy, deja-vu and old recipes when comes the time to design an ad campaing.

In some cases, the brilliant ideas of Men can be observed and it gives very interesting events.

Such an interesting event happened in the Montreal area (province of Quebec, Canada) on the last week of April, 2009.

Please, have a look and stop reading me at this point.


Are the cell phones comany asking for too much?

Accidentally, when looking for a contact at Verizon for a satellite dish that would enable me to download weather data, I've found a strange article.

A former Verizon representative was somehow frustrated of his old job, probably due to too much pression, and met a journalist for telling how to get more from a cell phone company, namely Verizon Wireless.

This company does not run any business in province of Quebec (Canada) but, still, this is more-than-interesting.

Follow this link: